About Us

OSCAL International Inc. is a diversified equipment and spare parts supply company providing a complete range of equipment, parts, accessories to the Egyptian oil and gas sector for more than twenty years.

We believe in the importance of the oil and gas market as a strategic sector for the national economy of Egypt and the entire region, supplying businesses and individuals with their energy needs in a globalized, connected world.

Established 2005 in its current form as part of Osman Group, OSCAL is incorporated in San Diego, California with an office in Cairo to fulfil all the needs of our clients.

Mission & Vision

Our mission as a business organization is to serve a wide sector of corporate and government businesses with tailored cutting edge technology, specifically in the Middle East, as well as the global community.

OSCAL provides superior quality at the lowest price for products with utmost level of service through the active participation of all of our personnel, to ensure our customers' continued satisfaction.

We have positioned ourself with the target of maintaining current relationships and acquiring new customers to become the leading supplier in the Egyptian and regional market. We believe in adapting to global work practices and building solid relationships with our partners for lasting success.

Osman Group

Osman Group is a group of more than twenty companies based in Egypt founded by the late Engineer Osman Ahmed Osman in 1974. One of the longest-running privately held consortiums in the MENA region, the activities of Osman Group include construction, real estate, manufacturing, trading, agriculture, information technology, and logistical activities both in Egypt and abroad.

Our Chairman, Engineer Mahmoud Osman (Chairman Speech): "We have always been led by the values established by our founder, Osman Ahmed Osman: Faith, Integrity, Commitment, and Teamwork. These values are the foundation for our success and will continue into the future."

OSCAL Difference

OSCAL is affiliated with Osman Group, sharing the market leverage associated with the Group's extensive trade experience, financial strength, technical expertise and prestigious, long-standing presence in the Arab World.

OSCAL is committed to quality offering complete ISO 9001:2015 certification. A professional multi-lingual staff is at your service with prompt, accurate response to business requirements in the Middle East and worldwide.