OSCAL is an international trading company, creating successful business connections among contractors, exporters and outfitter. With many years' experience OSCAL can facilitate a broad spectrum of projects, from joint ventures to turnkey operations.
OSCAL offers a range of critical services for engineering and contracting firms.
• Specialized procurement services for equipment, raw materials semi-finished and finished products -- virtually anything needed to complete a project.
• Extensive market research capability -- finding the right supplier at the right price.
• Reliable shipping and on-time delivery of required materials.
• Usage instruction provided on-site.
• A wide range of vendors with competitive, cost effective pricing.
• Negotiation assistance in dealing with bid submissions and permit requirements.


OSCAL's extensive network of long-standing business contacts provides a unique competitive advantage for exporters . services include :
• Effective representation in a wide range of industrial sectors .
• Direct access to contract, RFP and bid information .
• Specialized expertise regarding product specification requirements pricing considerations and negotiation techniques .
• Advertising and marketing support.
• Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience .

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